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Child Benefit Savings & Loan Account

Our Family Loan & Saving Account 

You can now arrange to have your child benefit paid directly into your credit union account making it a straightforward and hassle free way to save. 

All of our Family Saving & Loan Account members can also apply to borrow up to £800 as soon as they join us, without the need to save for 6 weeks beforehand.  

Our Family Loans take the hassle out of remembering when your repayment is due or making a trip to our office, especially when circumstances make it difficult to get in.  As your Child Benefit is paid directly into your credit union account we ensure that your loan is always paid on time and that any additional monies are placed in your savings ready for you to withdraw when needed.

You can apply for our Family Loan online and should you have any questions or need some help we are available over the phone or by email to guide you through the process.  All loan applications are considered in relation to your personal circumstances, affordability and our current terms and conditions.

Withdrawing your savings is simple too.  Call us before midday, Monday - Friday and as long as we have your completed authorisation on file we aim to have the funds transferred to your bank account the same day.

All of our Family Loans are issued over a period of 1 year repayable either weekly or 4 weekly to match your child benefit payments.

Ready to join us and apply for a loan?