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Providing Bank Statements

Two months’ bank statements for all accounts that you hold must be received for loan applications to be considered. This allows us to ensure that your credit union loan is affordable and will not put you under financial stress.


Here’s how to send us bank statements:

The simplest is to download your statements from online banking and then email them to us at  Details of how to do this can be found below.

If you are unable to download your statements, photos of the paper statement may be acceptable as long as they can be easily read and show your name and address –  place the paper on a flat surface and ensure the full page is in the image. Be sure to email us photos of all pages.


We are not permitted to accept:

  •           Screenshots, or mobile phone app statements as these do not show the account holder’s name, address and account number.
  • ·        Mini-statements
  • ·        Selfies holding the paper statement


Mobile Banking Apps don’t always permit you to view or download bank statements, however it  is always possible to login to internet banking via the bank’s website. Mobile banking websites are often simplified with limited options. If you do not have access to a PC or laptop to view the full internet banking website then on your mobile browser options ‘request the desktop site’ which will then display the full options which should then allow PDF downloads of bank statements or ‘print to PDF’.

The following guide can help you with accessing your online statement, or downloading your statement in PDF format, with most of the current account providers in the UK.



Log into Barclays internet banking (you will need your PINsentry or MOBILEsentry to log into your account online)– where you will then be taken to your homepage displaying your account(s). Click ‘show my latest transactions’.

Once you have clicked this a small window will appear showing a few recent transactions, at the bottom of the small window you will be able to see blue words that say ‘view all my transactions’, click this.

You will then be taken to a larger table displaying a larger number of your transactions. 

On the subheading bar above the list of your transactions you will be able to see ‘download all pdf’ which is on the right hand side, select that option and then save the files.


Coventry Building Society

When viewing statements on your online account, selecting the ‘Print’ option will produce a PDF for you to download


First Direct

Log in to online banking. View your statements, and select Print at the bottom of the screen.
Enter your dates required (three or six months), and select Print again to open a preview.
You can either change the destination or select PDF software, and use ‘Print’ or ‘Save’ as required.



Login to Halifax online banking
Simply select ‘View statement’ on the account you want to view from your account homepage.
You’ll see your current balance, available funds and transaction history.
Search your statement history for any transaction in a three month period.
You can choose to export your statement, print it, or order a paper copy using the options at the bottom of the statement page



Log in to HSBC internet banking, then select your account.
Click ‘Previous Statements’ from the left panel, and select a month.
Select Print from the bottom, then Save as PDF


Lloyds Bank

Login to Lloyds online banking

To view your statements, select ‘View statement’ on the account you want to view from your account homepage. You can choose to export your statement, print it, or order a paper copy using the options at the bottom of the statement page.


Metro Bank

Log in to your online banking and select an account to view.
Download a copy of your latest statement from the top panel, or set dates in the ‘Search Transaction’ and select ‘Print Transactions’ below.



Monzo You can view and download statements in the Monzo App, see the help at



Building Society

Log in and select your account.
Select ‘Statement’ on the left of the screen, and ‘Archive’.
Your statements will be now be listed and available to view, save and print in PDF.


Log in to NatWest online banking
Statements section on left hand side
Click View, save and print PDF statements and certificates of interest (up to seven years)
Select an account from the list to see available statements.
Select a statement from the list to view
Click view statement at bottom right
Download Statement (PDF)


Royal Bank of Scotland

Log in to RBS Digital Banking
Once you’re logged in, select ‘statements’ from the options on the left of the screen.
Click on ‘view statement PDFs and certificates of interest’
Choose an account from the list
Choose a time period to view
Your full statement from that period will be displayed.
To download it as a PDF, simply click on the ‘Download statement (PDF)’ link at the top left
When prompted , select ‘open’


Sainsburys Bank

Log in to online banking to see your Account Summary. Next to each account there’s an ‘options’ drop-down menu – use this to access all your account management tools and view your statements.



Login to Santander online banking

Click on the specific account. Click the Statements & Documents link from the left-hand menu.
The Statements & Documents page will display. Click Go next to the statement you wish to print, your statement will open in a separate window.



Log in to TSB internet banking, then select your account.
Select Print at the bottom of the screen to open a new window.
Select Print again, and Save as PDF


Tesco Bank



Log in to online banking and select the account you wish to view.
Select ‘View your Statements’ from the right panel. Set the dates you require, and access the PDFs from the main window

Mobile: access PDFs by pulling down on the transaction screen

The Cooperative


Log in to your online banking.
Select Statements from the left menu and the required account.
Select a statement number, followed by ‘Print’ at the top.
Now, right-click your statement and choose to save as a PDF.