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Identification Documents

Supporting Documentation


In order to satisfy Anti Money Laundering Regulations we need to be able to confirm the details given are correct before opening an account. 


To comply with these regulations we ask for two additional documents, one to confirm your identity, that you are the person named on the account and the other to confirm your address. 


There are a number of documents that we can accept listed below however this list is not exhaustive.  If you are having problems providing any of those listed below you can call one of our offices and we will try to work out an alternative with you.


Proof of Identity

·         Current passport.

·         Current UK full driving licence.

·         Certified national insurance card accompanied by a P60 certificate

·         Payslip showing name and national insurance number

·         Notification from the Benefits Agency confirming the right to any benefit

·         Tax notification

·         Personal reference signed by Doctor, Dentist or School Teacher

·         Photo identification card from a recognised employer based within the common bond area.


Proof of residence

  ·         Original utility bill, dated within the last 3 months; mobile phone bills are not


·         Current UK full driving licence (if not used to prove identity)

·         Original local authority tax bill

·         Original solicitor’s letter confirming recent house purchase

·         Local authority rent card or tenancy agreement

·         Bank or building society or post office statement

·         Mortgage statement, dated within the last 12 months

·         Personal reference from Doctor, Dentist or School Teacher (if not used to prove identity). 


Junior membership applications.


For those opening junior accounts we need to confirm the identity of both the junior member and the adult opening the account on their behalf.


The adult will need to provide proof of identity and residence as above in addition to proof of identity for the junior member.


Acceptable Documents for Junior Member Applications


·         Passport

·         Birth Certificate

·         Tax Credit notification with Childs details (Current award period only)