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Complaints Procedure


West Cheshire Credit Union

Complaints Procedure


Making a Complaint

We here at West Cheshire Credit Union pride ourselves on the outstanding level of service we provide to both existing and prospective members.

However, we do realise that from time to time you may have reason to bring to our attention areas or practices you are dissatisfied with and in doing so have the right submit a compliant in writing or verbally.

It will help our team investigate your compliant if you can provide as much detail as possible, which may consist of the following.

1.      Your name and membership number.

2.      Your contact detail, such a telephone and email or postal address

3.      Substance of the compliant, what happened, times, dates, and any
          names if applicable

4       Type of complaint (e.g. financial loss, inconvenience, distress,
          behavioural etc.)


Responding to Complaints

The West Cheshire Credit Union aims to resolve any complaints as speedily as possible.


The following sets out our Internal Complaints Procedure


Within One Day

The West Cheshire Credit Union aims to resolve any complaints to the complainant’s satisfaction by the close of business on the next business day after the day on which the complaint was received.  However, if this is not possible the procedure will be as follows;

Within Four Days

If the complaint cannot be resolved quickly, an acknowledgment will be sent to the complainant within four days of receipt of the complaint.

The acknowledgement will include the following information:

1)   a final response; or

2)   a holding response, which explains why we are not yet able to resolve the complaint and indicates when the West Cheshire Credit Union will make further contact (which will be within eight weeks of receipt of the complaint).



Within Eight Weeks

If still unresolved within eight weeks of receiving a complaint, the West Cheshire Credit Union will send:

1.      A final response, or

2.      A response which explains the delay and advises the complainant
          when a final response can be expected.  The complainant will be
          asked whether they are willing to extend the time for the
          investigation to be completed. The complainant will be advised that
          if dissatisfied with the delay, they can refer the complaint to the
          Financial Ombudsman Service. A copy of the FOS explanatory
          leaflet will be included in our response.


Final Response

It is the West Cheshire Credit Unions intention to provide a complainant with a satisfactory final response within eight weeks of receipt of the complaint.


Our final response will include:

1.      A summary of the complaint.

2.      A summary of the investigation into the complaint.

3.      The West Cheshire Credit Unions views on the issues raised in the

4.      Whether the West Cheshire Credit Union acknowledges it has
          been at fault in any way;

5.      Details of any redress or offer made to settle the complaint.

6.      The complaint’s right to refer the complaint to the Financial
          Ombudsman Service if remaining unsatisfied with the final

7.      A copy of the Financial Ombudsman Service explanatory leaflet.




This procedure complies with the Financial Conduct Authority guidelines.

DISP 1.2 Internal complaint handling procedures: general requirements