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Supporting Documentation





Supporting Documents


When applying for a loan we ask that you provide supplementary documents to assist the loans officers in assessing your application.


The additional documents that we require with all loan applications;

·       Bank Statements

If you are applying for a new loan we ask you to include the last 2 months statements for all accounts held, including both current and savings accounts.

If you are applying for a Top Up loan we ask that you provide statements covering the last month.



The following documents may also be requested by the loans officers to assist them in reaching a decision.  They do not need to be supplied at the time of application and we will be in touch if they are needed.


·       Wage slips

·       Proof of Benefits

·       Confirmation that previous debts have been repaid in full

·       Documentation in relation to any Debt Management Plan, previous Debt Relief Order, Individual Voluntary Arrangement or similar