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We cover flintshire

We Cover Flintshire!

It is with deep sadness that the news has broken regarding ‘All Flintshire Credit Union’ entering into administration / liquidation on the 25th January 2022.


The credit union movement work closely together and such news brings a devastating blow to not only the employees of the credit union, moreover the thousands of members who rely on credit unions as a source of affordable finance.   Although all members funds will be protected via the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, it is important that a continuity of access to credit union services going forward is provided across key areas of Flintshire. 


It is for that reason we wish to highlight that we as West Cheshire Credit Union remain a healthy, strong and developing credit union which also gained approval by the Financial Conduct Authority back in 2019 to cover the Flintshire County Council area and in doing so, especially currently, we can throw a lifeline to those who live, work or study in the Flintshire County Council boundaries.  Overseen by an experienced Board of Directors and underpinned by a dedicated, experienced and forward thinking employees we as West Cheshire Credit Union wish to boost public confidence that many credit unions have seen a significant growth in popularity over recent times and our solid financial management provides comfort to our current member base.


Our services are easily accessible via remote means, from becoming a member…through to applying for one of our loan products with the most popular being the ‘Family Loan’ which gives the ability for applicants who are in receipt of Child Benefit to apply for up to £800 with no saving period attached.  Whilst loans are a core element of the credit union there is also a strong emphasis on the education toward the importance of saving and this, along with many other benefits is something we can offer to residents of Flintshire.  

If you are a resident of Flintshire considering becoming a member of West Cheshire Credit Union click here to find out more.