Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are many of the most frequent questions that our members ask. If there is anything further you need assistance with please get in touch, the details are on our Contact Us page.

What is the minimum amount I have to save?

– To keep your account active you must have at least £2 in your account.

What is the most I can save?

– The maximum amount that can be held by an individual member is £15,000.

Do I have to save regularly?

– The West Cheshire Credit Union encourages everyone to save regularly. You may want to decide a set amount to save on a weekly or monthly basis. However you are in control, so you can save as much as you want, when you want, up to the maximum limit noted above.

How do I save?

– By cash or cheque at a collection point, by standing order, by bank transfer (from internet or telephone banking) or payroll deduction if your employer is registered on the scheme. Should you wish to make a payment by bank transfer please ensure that you quote your unique reference number to ensure that monies are credited to your account.

How do I withdraw money?

– If you have a bank account, the simplest and easiest way to access your money is via a Direct to Bank transfer. If a completed share withdrawal form is received at our Head Office in Chester before 12 noon, we endeavour to transfer the funds to your bank account by close of business that day. If you have already completed the documentation for a nominated bank account, we can arrange transfers via telephone (subject to satisfactory security checks).