Saver Loan Application

Please note that you must already be a member of West Cheshire Credit Union and be saving for a minimum of 8 weeks prior to be eligible to apply for a Saver Loan.  If you wish to become a member please contact one of our offices for further information.

You can use this form to apply for a loan up to a maximum of 4 times the amount of savings you hold in your Credit Union Account.  If you are reliant on benefits as your only source of income the maximum application that will be considered is £500.

Please note that after completing this form you will need to email your last 2 months bank statements to before the application can be considered.

You may be asked to provide additional information for us to be able to reach a decision on your application.




Email Address



Time at current Address
Contact Telephone Number *Required
Alternative Contact number *Required
Previous Address (if less than 3yrs at current)

Residential Status
Name of Housing Association if applicable


How many dependent children under 16 live at your address?
Ages of dependents
Child 1
Child 2
Child 3
Child 4
Child 5
Child 6


Employment Status
If employed is that Full Time Part Time 
Employers Tel. No.
Job Title/Position
Length of time with current employer (to nearest year)
Employee status

Amount Requested
Purpose of Loan
Repayment Frequency
Repayment Method


Are you in arrears with your Rent, Council Tax, Utilities or Mortgage?
Yes No 
Have you missed any payments to creditors in the last 12 months?
Yes No 
Are you currently or have you ever been subject to any of the following? (or are you in the process of applying for)
Bankruptcy Yes No 
Debt Relief Order Yes No 
Individual Voluntary Arrangement Yes No 
Debt Management Plan Yes No 
County Court Judgement Yes No 
If you have answered yes to any of the above please give further details


Net Take home Pay Weekly monthly 
Child Benefit Weekly 4 Weekly 
Tax Credits Weekly 4 weekly 
Job Seekers Allowance Fortnightly
Universal Credit Monthly
Maintenance/CSA Weekly Monthly 
Housing Benefit Fortnightly 4 weekly monthly 

1. Description Amount Frequency Weekly Fortnightly Monthly 
2. Description Amount Frequency Weekly Fortnightly Monthly 
3. Description Amount Frequency Weekly Fortnightly Monthly 
4. Description Amount Frequency Weekly Fortnightly Monthly 


Rent/Mortgage £ Monthly
Council Tax £ Monthly
Gas/Electric £Weekly Monthly 
Water £Weekly Monthly 
Phone/Mobile £Monthly
Satellite/Cable/Internet £ Monthly
TV Licence £Monthly Quarterly Annually 
Food/Toiletries £Weekly Monthly 
Childcare Costs £Weekly Monthly 
Travel/Vehicle Expenses £Weekly Monthly 


1. Description Amount Frequency Weekly Fortnightly Monthly 
2. Description Amount Frequency Weekly Fortnightly Monthly 
3. Description Amount Frequency Weekly Fortnightly Monthly 


Bank Loans £Monthly
Payday Loans £Weekly Monthly 
Provident Loans £ Weekly
Hire Purchase £Monthly
Credit/Store Cards £ Monthly
Brighthouse £weekly fortnightly monthly 

Please confirm that you have read and understood each of the following statements;

Data Protection Statement:
In accordance with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998, we only use your data for the purposes of managing your account with the West Cheshire Credit Union. Your personal details will be treated in strictest confidence and will only be shared with other agencies for the purposes of credit referencing and debt recovery, for which purpose we hold a category F consumer licence.

I declare that the information I have provided on this form is true and accurate for the purposes of me obtaining a loan.

I/we agree to any appropriate credit checks and information vetting being undertaken to assist the West Cheshire Credit Union reach an informed decision regarding this application and understand that this may include employment checks and searches of credit reference agencies.

I declare I am in good health and I know of no good reason why I would be unable to carry out my usual work or why my benefits or other income may change during the term of the loan.

I will submit my last 2 months bank statements by post or email to and understand that my application will not be considered until these have been received.