Save safely, Borrow wisely

Whether you are saving for something special, a holiday or just for a rainy day, let us help you to keep your finances on track. We all know that sometimes the unexpected crops up or we need more than we currently have saved and again we may be able to help. We are here to provide our members safe and affordable loans.



We offer a variety of savings accounts for members of all ages but the most popular option is our regular saving account. With this account we offer a variety of ways for you to deposit money including cash at any of our offices or membership centres, standing order, bank transfer via your online banking or payroll deduction should you work for one many employers we work with in the area. There is sure to be an account and method to suit your individual circumstances.

We are also constantly looking for ways to make accessing you money easier! Currently most of our members request withdrawals by phone, subject to appropriate paperwork and security questions being in place. If a request is received before mid day the funds will be transferred to an account of your choice that day for you to withdraw as normal from an ATM.

There are other options such as issuing cheques or for members who do not have a bank account we can transfer funds onto a prepaid debit card.

Saving with us also offers peace of mind in that your savings are safe and protected. All of your savings are protected by the government backed Financial Services Compensation Scheme which guarantees protection up to £85,000.

While WCCU can not guarantee a rate of return on savings we do aim to pay a dividend each year. This is approved by members at our Annual General Meeting each year the rate of which is dependent upon the financial performance of the Credit Union. The West Cheshire Credit Union does however pay interest to junior savers holding Safe Keeper accounts.

Christmas Saver

Members that hold a standard saving account can open a separate Christmas saving account without charge. You can save in all of these accounts via cash, standing order, or payroll deduction*. This is the ideal way to put some money aside to help cover all the extra expenses that occur at this time of year. These accounts only allow withdrawals in November and December in each year.

Payroll Deduction

We offer a payroll saving scheme for many of the large local employers. This scheme allows your payroll department to deduct a savings amount of your choice from your salary and forward it directly to us. This deduction can be stopped or amended at any time by yourself. The following employers currently operate the scheme;

  • Countess of Chester Hospital
  • Encirc 360
  • Sanctuary Housing
  • Chester Zoo
  • Cheshire West & Chester Council
  • Weaver Vale Housing Trust
  • Cheshire College South & West
  • Roberts & Sons Bakery


If you think your employer may be interested in setting up this scheme as an employee benefit at no cost to themselves ask them to contact our Chester office.

Break Free

We have joined up with Changing Lives in Cheshire to offer an affordable alternative weekly payment store helping our members to purchase electrical goods, appliances and household furniture.  There are a variety of items available to purchase with the help of an affordable loan from West Cheshire Credit Union.

Some basic rules:

  • Must become a member of West Cheshire Credit Union
  • Applicants need to satisfy our lending criteria for approval
  • Max loan amount considered is £500 over a term of 1 year
  • Applicant must reside/work within Cheshire West


For more information visit our Break Free page by clicking here

Saver Loans:

We can provide safe and affordable loans to our members for up to £2000 depending on circumstances. Loan interest is kept to a minimum and calculated daily on a reducing balance.

Before you apply for a loan please think carefully about the commitment that you are making. To protect all our members and the savings that we hold you will be asked to complete an application form detailing your finances and personal details to enable us to make a responsible and informed decision.

We consider all applications on the basis of affordability and your saving record with ourselves. If you have poor, limited or no previous credit history we may still be able to help.

Some basic rules:

  • You must become a member to apply for a loan
  • You  must have shown a commitment to save for 8 weeks before applying for a loan.
  • You can apply for up to four times your savings balance with a maximum loan of £2000.
  • Maximum term is three years.
  • If your only income is state benefit, the maximum loan is £500.
  • Repayments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit you.
  • You can save while repaying your loan.
  • You must provide a fully completed application form together with 2 months most recent bank statements and proof of income.
Existing members can apply for a Saver loan online here

Child Benefit Savings & Loan Plan

We understand that sometimes unexpected expenses crop up and members may not have had time to save for the required 8 weeks. In this situation you may be able to apply for one of our Child Benefit Loans. One of the benefits of this type of loan is that you are able to apply for up to £500 straight away without the need for 8 weeks’ savings.

To apply for this type of loan you will need to become a member of West Cheshire Credit Union and with our help, arrange for a qualifying benefit to be paid into your credit union account, usually Child Benefit. With this plan we ensure that your loan repayment is covered and then place the balance of your benefit directly into your credit union savings account. Should you need to access these savings we can of course quickly transfer it in to your bank account whenever you need it, and best of all while it’s in your saving account it will be counted towards your dividend, so it will go that bit further!

Some basic rules:

  • You must become a member to apply for a loan
  • You can apply for a maximum £500
  • Set term of 12months/52 weeks
  • Must have qualifying benefit paid directly into your credit union account
  • Will be required to attend one of our offices to arrange benefit transfer and sign documentation
  • You can save while repaying your loan.
  • You must provide a fully completed application form together with 2 months most recent bank statements and proof of income.
  • A loan of £500 will cost approximately £11.85 per week over 1 year, total repayable £615.84 at 42.6%APR.  Once your loan is cleared you can either continue to save or start a new loan.

If you would like further information please call either our Chester Office on 01244 399006 or our Ellesmere Port Office on 0151 352 0391.

Break Free Project

We’ve joined forces with Changing lives in Cheshire and can now offer families an alternative, affordable way to purchase new and pre-loved household goods.

‘Break Free’ enables you to purchase electrical goods and furniture from Changing Lives in Cheshire with affordable weekly repayments.  The repayment scheme is financed through a West Cheshire Credit Union loan and so in addition to weekly repayments you also benefit from credit union membership.

You can find out more about the Break Free project here.